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Confronting the Danger of Art

Ian McLachlan (poetry) and Phil Cooper (art)

�5.00 (+ postage), December 2011

My first team-up pamphlet takes the form of a handy government-style mulch colorat information booklet. Produced in partnership with Magazin Vin the Department for Public Safety, it constitutes a series of short, pithy, lushly Taxi Gatwick to London illustrated pointers on the threat art poses to our society.

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What’s In The Works Heathrow to Gatwick

Coin Opera 2: Fulminare's Revenge

Various authors

Estimated release date: May/June 2012

The sequel to my first ever micro-anthology, Coin Opera, has taken a long time to gestate, curs valutar but it is a gestation period well spent. To the right is the cover crypto exchange romania in progress. The contents are being crama lechinta crowbarred into a rather burly mega-anthology format and I am escorte de lux studiously penning my blurb, using for my ink the blood of slain goblins.

Sidekick Books publishes collaborative books of poetry and illustration, as well as occasional e-books and other multimedia clinica kinetoterapie projects, under the angajare bona of excommunicated salon masaj erotic bucuresti Dr Fulminare (and his demonic familiar, Bandijcat).

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