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Coin Opera

Edited by Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone

Poems by Rowyda Amin, Simon Barraclough and Others

£5.00 + postage, December 2009, 48pp

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Dr. F says:
"The first book to be released by my own personal imprint, Sidekick Books, is a micro-anthology of short poems inspired by computer games, from Bride of Pinbot to Bubble Bobble, Space Invaders to Street Fighter II, Paradroid to Portal.

"It features a roster of superb up-and-coming poets, hailing from London to Bangalore. Click the portrait to find out more about each of them:

"I feel certain that this experiment will prove the much-maligned medium of computer games can provide ample impetus for fresh and inspired approaches to form, imagery and voice, as well as informing the ready wit and intelligence of a generation of poets. Here is a sample from Mr David Floyd:

Second half substitution

Jesus is ready to come on
John the Baptist will make way
Jesus comes forward
Jesus plays the ball to Peterís feet
Peter loses out
Matthew gathers up the loose ball

Matthew hits a 30 yard ball ahead of Jesus
Jesus is free of the last defender
Jesus bears down on goal
Judas brings him down
A free kick is awarded
Jesus will have to go off
The Referee wants a word with Judas

Matthew puts the ball into the six yard box
Peter has the goal at his mercy
Satan puts it behind for a corner
He somehow got his fingertips to it