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Enough Light on the Dogwood

Carolyn Srygley-Moore

Carolyn Srygley-Moore is an award-winning graduate of the Johns Hopkins University's Writing Seminars, in Baltimore, a Pushcart nominee, & has been published in a number of journals including The Antioch Review, The 4 AM Poetry Review, Eclectica, & the anti-war anthology Cost of Freedom. She currently lives in Upstate New York with her husband & daughter.

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Forgive Us

Forgive beauty, forgive fistfuls of white honeysuckle vines, the dense
scent of it. Forgive the definition of reasonable doubt, those on deathrow
exonerated, or the disappearance of the fortuneteller's essential prop,
lifeline, into the factory-calloused palm. Forgive those who hunger
most for God, who hear providence falling down the staircase, &
cry out, for the driven force of fear's imaginings.Wearing other people's
clothing, after the fire storm, we face-down infinity, eyeholes cut into
the mask, a mouth, little black circles.
Forgive him, who
showed me something the child could not see, but guessed as a cupped
handful of crystals, the anathema's flash, the perpetual repetition of
ocean-slick surfaces. The philosopher claims all thoughts coexist,
linked like starlight to stars, consequence to source. Child-girl soldier
in Darfur, I'll hold your terror for you, like stomped eyeglasses, as you play
hide & seek with vultures among the graves whose need you made.
Forgive need.