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The Errorist

Adham Smart

Adham Smart is an Anglo-Egyptian boy occupying a small area of Southeast London. His break came with winning the 2006 Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award, to which he is eternally grateful for giving him a leg-up onto the poetry ladder. He also helps to run the online youth poetry magazine Pomegranate. Take a look at it to find some of the juiciest poems on the web.

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The Collaborator

My car is broken. The little oil
drops did not come quietly. I
sang them a song of black polar
bears, crawling, pawing away from
the sea. But they, my microscopic
engines, spilling from the axles,
bled my motor dry of forwardmotion;
worn-down cog-teeth
dribbled from the gearbox. I
tried to coax them some more,
with tales of gummed-up beaks,
shattered teeth, powdered legs
on the beachfront. But they,
my tiny mechanics, did not
wait to listen. Scuttling into the
cracks in the moss, they left
me to walk in the green rain.