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We publish collaborative books of poetry and illustration, as well as reviews and articles on and around the subject of contemporary poetry, under the guidance of excommunicated arch-alchemist Dr Fulminare (and his demonic familiar, Bandijcat).

  • Latest Releases


    Coin Opera 2: Fulminare's Revenge

    edited by Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone

    £12.00 + postage, December 2013, 168pp

    At last! The much-anticipated sequel to my first micro-anthology, Coin Opera, complete with choice of covers. After a successful Kickstarter, coverage on gaming sites across the Western world, and a long and harrowing period of development, this mighty tome of game-related poetry has finally arrived to bridge the gap between two discreet and dangerous worlds.

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  • Latest Releases



    Chrissy Williams (poems) & Howard Hardiman (illustrations)

    £5.00 + postage, October 2013, 24pp

    Angela Lansbury! A force in the universe almost as powerful and mysterious as myself. How foolhardy of this partnership of poet and illustrator to delve deeper than ever into the darknesses of her psyche, via her fictional twin Jessica Fletcher and Lynchean visual motifery! Do not leave this book on your bedside table.

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  • Feature Article

    Toby Martinez de las Rivas and his Terror - OF SEX!!!

    by the Judge

    Considering I just spent a whole damn review talking about Toby Martinez de las Rivas (I can get the name right when I'm writing it) it might seem like overkill to go back to him this early. But in truth there is a lot of stuff in his debut that I wasn't able to cover in the review, so I think a coda of sorts is warranted... [Continue]

  • Video Review

    Terror by Toby Martinez de las Rivas

  • Book Review

    Cairn by Richie McCaffery

    reviewed by Jusi Sutherland

    This is one theory: that the people who become poets are those who are living the ‘examined life’ as Socrates exhorted us to do. Poets notice things; they store them up, ruminate on them, invest them with meaning, and then, out they come as poetry, transformed but recognisable. At the outset of their careers, the part of life that poets often examine is their own identity...[Continue]

  • Video Poem

    Three Betrayed Lieutenants by Kirsten Irving

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