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How to make yourself a small target

Jeff Calhoun

Jeff Calhoun recently began a Ph.D. program in biomedical science at the University of Michigan. His writing credits include Mimesis, Lily, Poetry Midwest, Stirring, Ghoti, Mannequin Envy and Triplopia. When he is not paying attention to his family's prima donna Tonkinese or farming bacteria for plasmid DNA, he can be found playing bass guitar with his identical twin brother, Greg, listening to Ben Folds, asking his laptop to tell him the secrets of genetics, or eating banana pancakes.

This chapbook's cover art was created by K.R. Copeland.

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Virginia, it began with snowball wars

Bullets leave an open mouth. Heart valves
harden like seashells. Limbs descend,
weight in an empty nest. Parents
are thinking about unanswered cell phones.
His body dances like a molecule of carbon
burning. He is a thin layer of smoke
adhering to your every thought, occluding
every safe haven in your hippocampus.

Today, existence is a few circular waves
rushing to a final violence, a hurricane
that left burn marks in its wake.