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Jon was born in Derby in 1983 and currently lives in Whitechapel, which is flatter and murkier. If the creative arts were a fantasy roleplaying game, he would be a red mage, because he does a little of everything. For a short time, he was poetry editor of the now-defunct roundtable review and since 2005, he has been the main production editor and designer of Fuselit, the journal edited by Kirsten Irving, for which he also provides almost-competent artwork.

Sketch for Fuselit: Jack

He likes collaborative writing experiments, and conceived and put together the supplementary booklets that have been packaged with recent issues of Fuselit, including Chimerium, which allowed you to mix and match parts of poems by Luke Kennard, W.N. Herbert, Roddy Lumsden, Jack Underwood and others, and Telemorphics, in which Hugo Williams, Kathryn Simmonds, Emily Berry and others all 'translated' each other's work. With Kirsty, he has also run several events in London, including Mixtape, where poets read a selection of other poets' work, and (co-organised with Declan Ryan) a Leonard Cohen tribute night.

Chimerium lets you mix and match different poets. Each page is cut into three sections.

Towards the end of 2009, he decided to start putting together multi-poet anthologies under the Sidekick Books inprint. He also reviews books and pamphlets, both on this site and for Sphinx, and occasionally writes full-length articles, as well as short reviews of games, comics, films and anything else at the Cut Out & Keep online journal. He's responsible for the design and upkeep of this website.

But poetry is where he's really put the hours in. His writing has evolved rapidly over the last few years, from being characterised by playful conceits to emerging gradually from carefully accumulated nests of notes, a deep affection for off-beat pop culture and some funny ideas about 16th century alchemy as a metaphor for how to make poems work - 'solve et coagula', the breaking down of elements and their coming together!

From an April 2010 interview: "[I would classify my work as] Unlikely marriages of form and content exploring the relationship between fakery and creation. I use poetry to engage with almost everything Iím interested in, and often to bridge the gaps between them. So Iíll write about, say, what Caligula would be like if he were a hero in a computer game, but the poem is actually concerned with how we gamble our self-respect on assumed identities."

Dr Fulminare's Casenotes: "Makes up for lack of natural ability with bloody-mindedness/unsubstantiated belief he can take on anything. Obeys orders grudgingly. Babbles. Behaviour occurs in regular cycles: obsessive devotion to projects, loss of temper, unproductive stewing/mooching, gradual regathering of wits. Has an excellent immune system and healthy bones."


Books & Pamphlets

Scarecrows, Happenstance, 2010
£4.00, 32pp

Debut pamphlet, including prize-winning poem 'Jake Root' and concerned with the processes by which spells, prophecies and outright lies begin to develop the character and effect of truth. Plenty of scarecrows too.

"Jon Stone writes angry, beautiful poems which access parts of your mind you didnít know you had. Surreal but engaged, a ken for new sounds and a perfect ear for meter. Itís hard to capture the sense of joy I get from reading this collection. Itís like walking into a record shop that stocks all the rare stuff by your favourite bands or, I donít know, a bookshop that still has a poetry section bigger than half a shelf."
Luke Kennard

"Stone is well-read, keen of ear and a very, very fine technician, but what wins me over is his divine crankiness. He has a flair for tall tales of criminals, charlatans and monsters, told from the skewed perspective of the people who admire them."
Marcia Menter, Sphinx

"Stone is attracted to the melodramatic and entertains through the use of a poetic style that swaggers through a number of different personae and time periods."
Poetry London

Dr Fulminare's Bard Games (w. Kirsten Irving), sold with Fuselit: Tilt

Short collection of co-authored poems written according to the rules of various tabletop games, including dominoes, battleships and jenga.

Thra-koom, Silkworms Ink, 2010

Totally free e-pamphlet "in which we explore superheroes and comic characters Ė as myths, monsters, invalids, metaphors, stereotypes and human beings Ė using the only medium that doesnít require a license". Click on the cover to read!

No, Robot, No!, Forest Publications, 2010
£2.00, 36pp

Co-written with Kirsten Irving under the pseudonyms of Eve Bishop and Roy Marvin, this is a mixture of collaborative and individual poems concerning sci-fi visions of robots.

"Collaborative writing at its best: fruitful, fresh, with both Stone and Irving's writing benefiting from the alliance."


Sidekick Books Projects (as editor)

Birdbook: Towns, Parks, Gardens & Woodland (editor/contributor), April 2011
£5.00, 158pp

Korsakoff's Paper Chain (editor), November 2010
£5.00, 76pp

Pocket Spellbook (editor), October 2010
£5.00, 46pp

Obakarama (editor), December 2009
£5.00, 40pp

Coin Opera (editor/contributor), December 2009
£5.00, 48pp


'Jake Root', Highly Commended in the National Poetry Competition 2009
'Knock-Off Country', Joint Winner of Poetry Nottingham 'Lobelia' Competition 2009

Published Articles

'Bawr. Bawr. Stretterhawl?' (article on science-fiction poetry), in Poetry News, June 2011

In this world too: How modern manga hasn't lost touch with the past, Horizon Review 4, April 2010

Post-University Writing: Juggling Passion and Practicality, an article for the National Association of Writers in Education, April 2010

'When To Mischief: In Search of Burlesque in Contemporary British Poetry' in Mimesis 6, October 2009

The Balance of Work and Life, an article for the National Association of Writers in Education, January 2004

Pretty Complete List of Published Poems


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In print

Three poems in Clinic 2, June 2011
'Who Are At War' in Brand, Spring/Summer 2011
Five poem showcase in Magma 49, Spring 2011
Two poems in Stop Sharpening Your Knives 4, Janurary 2011
'Burying a Pigeon' in Dwang 2, June 2010
Two poems in Under The Radar 4, October 2009
'Alternative Endings to The Ladykillers' in Pen Pusher 13, Summer 2009
Four poems in City State: New London Poetry, May 2009
'One Hundred Windowless Rooms' in Stop Sharpening Your Knives 3, May 2009
'Legendary' in Notes from the Underground 3, February 2009
'Sleeper' in Rising 49, February 2009
'Knock-Off Country' in Poetry Nottingham 62/3, January 2009
'Omega' in Shakespeare's Monkey Volume 2, Issue 2 January 2009
'Caligula gone cold' in Rising 47, September 2008
Three poems in Mimesis 3, November 2007
Six poems in Mimesis 1, April 2007
'Mary, I get to' in Obsessed With Pipework 37, Febrary 2007
Three poems in Gold Dust 9, Winter 2006
'Scanish Swift' in South 33, April 2006
'Kosher Cajun' in Aesthetica 11, January 2006
'Spitfire's Poetry Kit' in iota 71, Winter 2005
'Kilimanjaro Beer' in the bluechrome anthology, 2005
'Svetlana Feofanova' in Spiked 15, 2005
'Boatmakers by the Banyan Tree' and 'Diver' in The New Writer 65, March/April 2004
'Warhead' in the bluechrome anthology, 2004
'Odi et Amo' and 'Turtlesong' in Eggbox 2, 2003

Beyond print

'Staring Into Space' (6 poems and book) as part of About A Minute, the inaugural exhibition at The Gopher Hole in Shoreditch, December 2010
'Unfinished Sculpture' in Mercy Liverpool Biennial Audio Guide, October 2010

In Fuselit/Sidekick Books publications

'Non-Joke' in Fuselit: Demo, October 2005
'The Optician' in Fuselit: Catapult, November 2005
'The Letters Have Become Birds' (short prose) in Fuselit: Straddle, December 2005
'Red Alert' in Fuselit: Alarm, January 2006
'Jeremy Brett' in Fuselit: Rogue, March 2006
'Missing: One Stegamasaurus' in Fuselit: Snarl, May 2006
'If my life were a hit TV series ...' in Fuselit: Adore, November 2006
'English Assignment ...' (short prose) in Fuselit: Battery, January 2007
'Twelve O'Clock at the Old Bailey' in Fuselit: Proof, April 2007
'Compact Rocambole' (short prose) in Fuselit: Nude, July 2007
'Ill Winds' (short prose) in Fuselit: Cabaret, Autumn 2007
'Shan Hai-Jinx Selection, Summer 08, page 25' in Fuselit: Fox, Summer 2008
'The lionfish squanders his last night on earth ...' in Chimerium, sold with Fuselit: Aquarium, Winter 2008
Two poems in Coin Opera, December 2009
'I'm naming the swifts' in Birdbook I, May 2011