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publishing dangerously untested collaborative literature
in order to measure its effects on you, the public.


Full-size monster tomes, bursting with the work of many poets and artists!

Birdbook I: Towns, Gardens, Parks & Woodland

Various poets & artists

10.00, April 2011, 158pp



Eminently digestible, inexorably portable, my micro-anthologies draw together the work of numerous talented individuals.

Korsakoff's Paper Chain

Richard O'Brien, Charlotte Geater and Others

5.00, November 2010, 72pp

Pocket Spellbook

Mark Waldron, Luke Kennard and Others

5.00, October 2010, 46pp


Amy Blakemore, David Floyd and Others

5.00, December 2009, 40pp

Coin Opera

Rowyda Amin, Simon Barraclough and Others

5.00, December 2009, 48pp


Mimesis e-chapbooks

These handsome miniature collections were the winning entries in a competition launched by the now-discontinued literary journal Mimesis. It is with some professional satisfaction that I reproduce them here, entirely downloadable for zero pounds sterling.


Ian McLachlan

The Errorist

Adham Smart

Across the Water

Alistair Noon

How to make yourself a small target

Jeff Calhoun

Enough Light on the Dogwood

Carolyn Srygley-Moore

In Travel

E. Kristin Anderson